Pulse (Phemex)
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Pulse (Phemex)

Pulse is the world's first GroupFi-centric Web3 social finance network infrastructure built on Solana, offering open, permissionless, community-driven social finance services. It is dedicated to enabling users to meet all their on-chain needs in one stop without the need to switch platforms.

Pulse is composed of decentralized communities, called Pulse Group.The Pulse Group empowers any community-driven vision or idea to evolve into a comprehensive project portfolio. Within this ecosystem, a Fair Launch can be orchestrated, bestowing asset airdrop rewards upon community members. The project community utilizes the DAO protocol provided by Pulse to achieve autonomy, with the entire process being autonomously steered by the community members themselves. This cultivates a self-reliant community economy.

Participants can interact with Pulse through popular social media platforms or Web3 wallets. By joining a Group and establishing a DID identity, they are able to engage in, as well as contribute to, the inception, expansion, and ongoing evolution of projects.

Users are rewarded for their engagement — such as chatting, completing tasks, playing games, and interacting with AI — with distinctive Pulse Points, denoted as $Pulse.

Pulse represents a groundbreaking initiative by Phemex. It commits to bolstering the Pulse community by offering platform token $PT rewards and underpinning the early stages of community asset listings on centralized exchanges (CEX). Looking ahead, the Pulse API is set to enable broader integration with a multitude of trading platforms.
Pulse (Phemex)


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